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FTL trucking at HWL Logistics provides you the ability to move your items exclusively to the specified destination with the maximum level of protection by occupying while trailer. FTL freight helps many manufacturing companies to move their goods and cargo by taking advantage of the entire space in a truck. HWL Logistics is providing the ideal FTL trucking service for companies looking to haul their freight over a long distance. We offer several scheduling options for delivery during this process. HWL Logistics is an asset-based company that owns the equipment and all the necessary assets to manage the logistic needs of various clients at a time. Even many logistics companies outsource their FTL trucking services to us. We manage to deal with all the long and short-haul shipping. When we have our own fleet of vehicles it becomes easier for us to offer multiple benefits to the shippers.

Benefits of FTL Trucking with HWL Logistics


HWL uses special-purpose equipment to handle large cargo. We are well-versed in handling all sizes of shipments. Where there are so many other benefits of FTL, the major one is the exclusivity of the space. This aspect allows you to ship your items with the least risk of damage especially when your goods are fragile in nature


FTL is stricter in its deadlines than LTL services. This is because there is hardly any type of stops in the process of execution. The trust starting from a pickup point reaches the specified destination without bothering about any other operation or any other client’s needs. You do not need to do any shifting of load. This makes it safe because your load stays in one place until it reaches its final destination.


HWL Logistics continuously invests is the maintenance and acquisition of new vehicles. We care about your safety and time. With the custom scheduling option, your time is also saved. The EDI-integrated system keeps the clients updated about the current status of shipment.

The Planning and Execution process in our FTL Trucking Service

Once you connect with us, you will need to provide us with some of the following information to get started:

Once our load specialist will get this information, the planning process for the FTL trucking service is started which includes the:

Book the most affordable FTL Service with HWL Logistics

HWL Logistics claims to be providing an extremely competitive process to meet your FTL trucking needs. Click on the following to fill in the form, and our friendly representative will get back to you within no time with a quote.

Our representative will help you determine the best of the choice available for you depending on your needs. We access your specifications with care to present a proper and accurate rate for you. We will also guide you if you need any sort of state permits for your specific load or type of freight.

Our representatives are cockpit ready to get your item shipped to their destination.

Doesn’t matter if you are in Michigan, Detroit, or any state in the US, HWL Logistics, provides nationwide FTL trucking services at affordable rates to meet your transportation needs.

Freight that does not require the entire space of a truck is known as LTL shipping, whereas full truckload shipments take up the space or weight limit of an entire trailer.

The shipping cost for a full truckload depends on the factors like traveling time and delivery destination. Other factors also include the type and size of the goods being shipped. The shipping rates are comparatively higher in summer because of weather conditions and high demand. Click on the link below to get your quote.

Once you have requested the freight quote by filling in this form, our representative will call you within 5 minutes to grab any missing information and provide you with the quote.

Once the call is initiated, you will be assigned your own shipping representative. This individual is going to be your sole point of contact with HWL Logistics. For any query or question, you can contact the same person.


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This company is consistent in delivering the experience for your Dispatching services. HWL Logistics is extremely pleasant and they make you feel completely at ease with keeping my truck on the road and loaded with freight. Would definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you very much for everything.


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The staff was super friendly and helpful with my back office operations. They explained everything and were a wealth of knowledge with planning my loads throughout the week with no dead head mileage. I definitely recommend HWL Logistics.