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HWL Logistics possesses the craft of providing you with unrivaled access to capacity and the customized dry van truckload solution. With help of technology, we have innovative solutions to find the best options for you to stay ahead in your domain of competition. Dry van trucking is the most common method of interstate transportation. A dry van is a standard trailer that does not need special conditions for the temperature to be controlled. They are designed to carry freight in the form of pallets or packed boxes. In some cases, the items are only secured within the trailer. If your load fits within a specific size and weight limitations, dry van trailers are the best option for shipping any type of good.

The Major Benefits of using our Professional Dry Van Trucking Service

At HWL Logistics, we channel over 12 years of field experience to come up with the best freight forwarding solutions.

that will help you get your shipment done with perfection. We have possession of no less than 10,000 dry van trailers that come up in various sizes to offer you a customized solution. The size of your pellets and boxes would not be a concern. So if you are planning to send automotive parts or construction equipment to any other state, we can smoothly get this job done using heavy dry vans.HWL offers you very scalable and flexible freight capability. We have trackable shipment visibility throughout the transit. We continuously invest in the maintenance and acquisition of the best freight technology. HWL also has access to asset-based and non-asset-based fleets. With our dry van shipping and trucking service, we can handle both the LTL and FTL trucking shipments.

Full Truck Load Dry Van Shipping

Most of the shippers opt for full truckload shipments because this allows us to schedule on-time pick-up and delivery that we specify to the relevant needs. We are offering you this service using 53-feet air-ride dry vans that come up with good standards of safety and security for your goods.

LTL Dry Van Freight Shipping

If the size of your shipment is small i.e. it requires only partial floor space, you should always consider our LTL dry van trucking option. The major advantage of opting for this service is that it is more economical than a full truckload service. It will offer your a significant level of saving in the shipping cost. Moreover, LTL shipping promises to ship your good more efficiently where less fuel and energy is used.

The Planning and Execution process in our Dry Van Trucking Service

Once you connect with us, you will need to provide us with some of the following information to get started:

Once our load specialist will get this information, the planning process for the Dry van trucking service is started which includes the:

Book the most affordable heavy Dry Van Trucking with HWL Logistics

HWL Logistics claims to be providing an extremely competitive process to meet your dry van trucking needs. Click on the following to fill in the form, and our friendly representative will get back to you within no time with a quote.

We are here For You

Our representative will help you determine the best of the choice available for you depending on your needs. We access your specifications with care to present a proper and accurate rate for you. We will also guide you if you need any sort of state permits for your specific load or type of freight.

Our representatives are cockpit ready to get your heavy items to their destination.

Our representatives are cockpit ready to get your heavy items to their destination.

We are a nationwide logistics company. Doesn’t matter if you are in Michigan, Detroit, or any state in the US, HWL Logistics’ dry van trucking services are available at affordable rates to meet your transportation needs.

Once the call is initiated, you will be assigned your shipping representative. This individual is going to be your sole point of contact with HWL Logistics. For any query or question, you can contact the same person.

We always offer competitive and best prices as compared to the entire market. Please click on the link below and fill in the form. Once you have requested the freight quote by filling in this form, our representative will call you within 5 minutes to grab any missing information and provide you with the quote.


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This company is consistent in delivering the experience for your Dispatching services. HWL Logistics is extremely pleasant and they make you feel completely at ease with keeping my truck on the road and loaded with freight. Would definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you very much for everything.


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The staff was super friendly and helpful with my back office operations. They explained everything and were a wealth of knowledge with planning my loads throughout the week with no dead head mileage. I definitely recommend HWL Logistics.