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Are you operating in a construction, industrial, or commercial business? If yes, you will always need to transport supplies and heavy pieces of equipment to different states and cities. Most of the time, it is a complex job especially when there are several constraints of rules which vary in different states. On a standard semitrailer, any freight that is taller than 8 feet exceeds most of the height restrictions. In such cases, finding an appropriate root is quite a technical job. Such machines, despite having wheels, such as bulldozers, backhoes, and dump trucks, are not road rated. Moreover, the maximum weight of a two-axle lowboy trainer is 40,000 pounds but many times, the weight limit exceeds 80,000 pounds. These limitations make lowboy shipping an ideal option to move heavy items. This is where an expert is always needed for the execution. Only experienced companies know the best possible route without any obstacles with size guidelines. If you are shipping tall equipment like machinery that cannot be separated into parts, HWL Logistics’ Lowboy trucking service would solve your problem at the lightning speed. 

Lowboy Hauling Execution at
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Lowboy flatbed trailer shipping solves the problem of stacking tall equipment on a standard flatbed trailer. These lowboy trailers can be understood as the workhorses of the shipping industry that deal with handling heavy pieces of equipment. They are capable of moving equipment, machinery, and cargo for a wide variety of industries. Flatbeds make it comparatively easier and the least-risk option to move and ensure the safety of your heavy pieces of equipment.

These lowboy trailers are omnipresent in mining, construction, farming, and freight transport all over the world the shipping industry. In some parts of the world, they are also known as double drop, low loader, low-bed, or float. They’re all referred to as a semi-trailer with a drop deck.

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At HWL Logistics, we arrange to execute your lowboy shipping through our experienced team. When choosing the right process, route, and solution for the complex shipping, our team takes care of the entire process for you and works out every complication. We know the nitty-gritty of lowboy service compliance and conformance that keeps your shipping risk-free. The load specialists at HWL Logistics are professional enough to plan and organize the entire process from scratch.

The Planning and Execution process in our Lowboy Hauling Service

Once you connect with us, you will need to provide us with some of the following information to get started with HWL Logistics:

Once our load specialist will get this information or calculates it on his own, the planning process for the lowboy trucking service is started which includes:

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Our representative will help you determine the best of the choice available for you depending on your needs. We access your specifications with care to present a proper and accurate rate for you. We will also guide you if you need any sort of state permits for your specific load or type of freight.

Our representatives are cockpit ready to get your heavy items to their destination.

Doesn’t matter if you are in Michigan, Detroit, or any state in the US, HWL Logistics, provides nationwide lowboy trucking services at affordable rates to meet your transportation needs.

Once you have requested the freight quote by filling in this form, our representative will call you within 5 minutes to grab any missing information and provide you with the quote.

Once the call is initiated, you will be assigned your own shipping representative. This individual is going to be your sole point of contact with HWL Logistics. For any query or question, you can contact the same person.


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